So, you want to be a games artist?

Tips For A Creative Career

This was my talk for EGX 2023 about how to get into games art and how to have a long creative career.Feel free to watch this talk or just scroll down and look at my huge list of resources that will hopefully help you into games art.

Big List Of Resources

This is my big old list of resources for anyone looking to get into an Artist Role in the Games Industry.

This is a link to Neil Gaiman's amazing "Make Good Art Talk"Watch it when you're feeling down about your art or feeling a bit of imposter syndrome

Other places you can find meSinead - 3D Artist

General Resources

This is a collection of the best resources for getting into the games industry. These are the industries biggest supporters with everything from mentorship programs to portfolio websites to apprenticeships to scholarships all wrapped up and ready to help you!

Choosing A University?

If you're thinking about university I really recommend you check out The Rookies university rankings, and the screen skills website to help guide you in choosing the right Uni course for you!

Online Learning Resources

Wanting to do some self led learning?
I really recommend the following courses, starting with free tutorials on art station learning, before moving on the paid courses.
In my opinion once you've got the basic skills from free tutorials moving on to a subscription service will give you the best value for money for the amount of quality education,

Free Online Learning Resources:

Budget Online Learning Resources:

Subscription Learning Resources:

Pricey Learning Resources:

Game Dev Maps

Two maps of all the games studios in the UK and Worldwide

Jobs Boards

Jobs boards that specifically cater to games artists.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies that specifically cater to games artists.


Free Mentorship Schemes

Paid Mentorship Directly From Artists


The Two unions that support games workers in the UK:


Some Great Games events in the UK and EU